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watercooling setup?

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here is the link of where I want to put the rads http://www.flickr.com/photos/4906218...in/photostream

questions is should I go to 360 rad to cpu then to 120 rad then to gpu back to pump or should I just go 360 rad cpu, gpu then 120 rad, back to pump. will it really help going the first route? i do plan on doing someing mild oc'ing, maybe 4.0 or up to 4.5, maybe some to the gpu also, not sure pretty new to oc'ing. there will be 3 gentle typoon fans on 360 rad and 2 gentles on the 120 in push and pull. also do you think I need to upgrade that 120 to a 240.

thanks all
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How about using another 240 or 360 rad (including the 360 rad up top) instead of 120 rad and mount it with Koolance Radiator Mounting Bracket or a Swiftech MCB-120.

If you'll planning to add another video card to loop in the future, then the two 360 rads will do for your loop.

Also you need to read this Delta-T.
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