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Well I think i know this one, the vram isn't combined, it'll just be two cards both with 1gb, that'll run out just as fast as a single card.
Yup. And all the processing power in the world won't help when you run out of VRAM, because Windows starts using your HDD to store the extra data (which is obviously several times slower than your GPU's memory). So your GPUs end up waiting to read from the HDD before drawing each new frame.

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Whoa, I honestly didn't know that. SLI isn't as advanced as I thought it was then. I've never had the need to SLI though.
Common mistake.

I thought SLI increased the total usable VRAM as well with my first dual card setup (512MB 9800GTs), and then I tried playing Crysis @1080p on Enthusiast...

But yeah, I doubt you'll be pushing 1GB without modded textures or extreme AA settings.