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Okey considering the size of Supermega and Silver arrow is the same
i think i go for silver arrow over supermega..

I am leaning mostly toward megahalem+120mm enermax t.b trio fans
or silver arrow with default fan (or 120mm enermax t.b trio fan)

Theres no point getting noctua unless i use the default fan and spin them at 100% non-pnw stuff....

so for my motherboard either silver arrow or megahalem...
pricewise silver arrow is best since i can use the fan that comes with it.
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Thanks to tw33k that posted this photo of a Silver arrow mounted in a HAF-X case
Great fan but it is blocking a bit the view from the led rear fan seen from sidewindow

Sizes large:
SA:160mm, Noctua 140mm, Megahalem/supermega 130mm, Coolermaster V8 120mm

the SA is 160mm large and is covering up way too much
noctua is 140mm, megahalem 130mm , Coolermaster V8 120mm large

Noctua N14 a little smaler but not by much:

Haf-x With megahalem can see the rear fan better:

Coolermaster V8 in a HAF-X not so large:

By the look of it V8 and Megahalem would be the better option
but i saw some tower bending photos of megahalem rise concern:

So my options now

Silver Arrow remplacing one of the TY-140's fan with a 120mm enermax Led PMW T.b trio vegas
Noctua remplacing the middle fan with Ty-140s and the side fan with 120mm enermax trio
Megahalem with 2 Enermax led PMW fans (that would look amazing)

Another option is Coolermaster V8 but not sure how good this heatsink is compared to the 3 others?
and if is worth it?

i removed Supermega from my contender list as that heatsink is meant for 140mm fans
if i was to put a led 120mm fan on it would not be as good so if going prolimatech megahalem would be a better option.
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2 Enermax Trio Vegas fans arrived in the post today
they realy look good....
Got the ones that are Pmw 120mm

At the moment of ordering them i though of getting Silver arrow and remplace one of the fan and use the other enermax as reserve.

But now i seariously considering if i should buy another heatsink (havent order silver arrow yet) so i can use both of enermax Fans they just look amazing smile.gif
Hightly recomended the enermax

I guess there is no point in remplacing both fans on Silver arrow for 2x120mm fans as that would downgrade the heatsink or something...

and for that i might as well go for megahalem.....

anyway having going for silver arrow and just use one fan and having the other as reserve is not bad either...
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