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Change the card to a high leakage type under AB's options .. .
Hmm ..
check out my thread in the sig..

The TF3 just has better VRAM .. which is undervolted , so those extra volts give you more headroom..
The second post in my thread ( check siggy again) shall send you to a pencil mod thread , this guy OCP'd his Vram , Vcore and Vpll , OMG !!

I managed a 1625MHz stable half hour run of OCCT (8) smile.gif
Thats with +20% powertune smile.gif
This card's ram is stupid powerful. Just like any other RAM , more volts = higher clocks smile.gif
If anything , I'll have looser timings on mine cause from 1350 -> 1625 , looser timings are a pre requisite.
I could just be so wrong.

Also , an asymmetrical CFX works smile.gif
May accentuate the micro stutter a bit . But I wouldn't care with those FPSes smile.gif
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I just flashed mine using a bios that MSI modded themselves and had on their site but took down after a little while.I used atiflash on a usb flash drive and its shows the extra shaders in GPU-Z.So in short yes the TF3 can be flashed.I may have gotten lucky who knows but I am not complaining :-).Does anybody know what is a safe memory clock and core clock to push it to using afterburner?
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ANything smile.gif
clocks will never kill a chip
Voltage may
heat will..

now that you know ..
Check out the second post in this thread,.. has relevant links to get you going smile.gif
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