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So I recently purchased an Asus Rampage 3 Gene... however while attempting to install windows 7, the computer turned itself off.

Need a bit of help as I'm not sure how to handle this.

Further background:

Purchased used.

Attempted to install windows 7... all components attached on top of a cardboard box, so open air.

components list:
i7 950
prolimatech megashadow
gskill ddr3 3x2gb
radeon 6850 1gb
corsair hx650

asus external dvd drive
usb mouse and usb keyboard

everything is stock, no fans attached to the megashadow since I haven't overclocked yet.

the Northbridge (IOH) apparently hits 90 degrees celcius (while also bringing up my cpu temp upto 55 degrees celcius)... while just attempting to install windows... I waited for it to cool down and just went into bios... on idle doing nothing, North bridge heats up 1 degree celcius every 10 seconds (starting from 40 degrees celcius).

I've already removed the crappy TIM that Asus put on it (it was hard) and applied MX-2 or MX-3 thermal paste... rescrewed everything...

Now what else can I do? I spoke to the original owner and he never saw anything above 60 degrees celcius... but that's installed in a case... I never had a problem doing this while installing outside of a case before..actually did it to another computer the weekend before.

What's actually causing this? Could one component possibly be messing up the northbridge and cause it to overheat? ie Processor? GPU?

What options do I have? This doesn't sound normal...

Any and all help is appreciated... I just don't get how it is heating up and failing on me while the previous owner had no issue.

Thanks guys!