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I thought this would be useful to those that have a machine that isn't on thier network, but you'd still like to monitor it in HFM.NET

Note: I already had DropBox installed for displaying my web generation from HFM.NET so I'm going to utilize that. I use FAH GPU Tracker V2 for folding on all machines. I use HFM.NET for monitoring all machines. All machines are running Windows 7.

1.) Make sure DropBox is installed on the machine you want to monitor and the machine running HFM.NET doing the monitoring. It's pretty easy to setup, but yell if you run into problems.

2.) Create a folder in your DropBox "Public" Directory on either machine. This folder is going to sync necessary files from your remote client in order for HFM.NET to track it.

3.) Create a .bat file with the following on the remote machine being monitored. Save it to a place where you will remember it.

Robocopy "C:\\FOLDING\\FAH GPU Tracker V2\\SMP" "C:\\Users\\yourusername\\Dropbox\\Public\\yournewfolder"
Note: I have FAH GPU Tracker installed in a folder called "FOLDING" you need to change this to the path where it's installed on your machine. I'm monitoring SMP, so change this to GPU0 or whatever is running on the machine. "yourusername" and "yournewfolder" are self-explanatory. This command will copy all "files" from the SMP directory to your DropBox.

Now we need to do some automation on the client being monitored:

4.) Go To Start > Control Panel > System And Security > Administrative Tools > Scheduled Tasks
(you can also find it under Accessories > System Tools)

* Create a new task

* Name it under "general" tab

* Under "Triggers" tab click new and use these settings:
Run "Daily". Set Current Date and about 5 minutes from your current time.
Repeat Task "Every 15 minutes", Duration "Indefinitely"

* Under "Actions" tab click new and choose "Start A Program". Browse to your .bat file that you saved previously and say ok.

All other settings are optional, but I didn't mess with them. At this point it may prompt you for an login account that will run the script. If you set your time correctly any minute the script will be triggered and copy the files to your DropBox Public directory. If it doesn't execute, then just edit the time to be in the future again.

5.) Now all you have to do is create a new client on HFM.NET on the machine monitoring everything choosing the new folder on your DropBox Public directory.

Results will be updated every 15 minutes!

Does any of that make sense? HAHaha