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Any good suggestions on how to cool my gpu

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Hey lads,

Just looking for some suggestions/advice on how i could lower my gpu temps.
This board performance-wise is good so far, but the physical layout of it is ..err we'll say bad.

I've to keep my gpu in the pcie_2 slot as thats the main gpu slot on this board, and its right down by the end of the case with little air slow, max temps going to 70c after a full loop of heaven benchmark, with the fan on 55%, any louder and its deafning.

Iv got 140mm, and a 120mm fans attached to the side panel of the case blowing cool air in and the 120mm is right above the gpu.

Any good suggestions are much appreciated, thanks.
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70c is a great under load temp. It sounds like you've done some smart things for increasing airflow.

My only recommendations would be:

1. Think about your other case fans and readjust them to make sure your getting the best airflow as possible. How many intake fans vs outtake fans? Cann a different arrangement work better?

2. Are your case fans high quality? Do they move enough air? Maybe you could spend a few bucks for some nice scytje fans to improve airflow.

3. Readjust your cables. Bad cable management impedes airflow. Run cables underneath your mono when possible.

There is a great thread on ocn abbott cable management, I believe its the rate my cables thread. Also the air cooling forum has los of great info on case fans and how best to arrange them got optimal airflow.

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Nice reply man, appreciated thanks. And my case fans are decent i suppose, both +100 CFM, but i was looking at scythe & Noctua ones last night, but case is impeading me much atm i i think.

Glad to hear thats not an unreasonable temp im just used of the vapor-x toxic cards that are so cool, i think (just rebuilt machine a few days ago)

Ive reordered my cables as much as i can with the space left inside, but their still more-or-less crambed into the sides, and corners etc, no room behind the board on this case. was hoping i wouldnt have to replace the case, because i put a bit of effort into modding it lol (nothing fancy) plus im skint lol.

Thanks again for the reply +1

Edit, Oh, and its 3:1 atm for intake/exhaust, i've ordered a push/pull kuhler 920 though for the cpu, and thats dual exhaust, might help bit, will have to see i suppose lol.
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Sounds like you've been really thinking this through and now your just trying to squeeze out those last couple of degrees.

If your interested here are a couple of links about case fan setups.




Also high CFM is great for moving a ton of air, however if your looking to push air through stuff (technical term ) you also need a higher static pressure. On my rig I have two HD 6950s with zalman VF3000As installed. The card with the zalmans installed take up 3 slots. THere is barely any room between the cards. This causes my top card to run approx 10C warmer than the bottom card that has alot more cool air.

On my case I have a mid fan that if I changed to a higher static pressure fan I would probably see the that 10C difference drop.

Adding a higher static pressure fan is probably overkill but here is a link that covers fans for moving air through a rad on a watercooling setup. It takes a lot of static pressure to move air through a radiator.


Good Luck
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