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Sr-2 840 stacker

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Can i first of all apologies as this mod has been going some time now and posted on a couple of other forums and was complete late February and made its way to CeBit in Germany to take its place on the Coolermaster booth but just thought id copy/paste the entire log here for anyone that may be interested and hasn't seen it already.

So for anyone that happens to click on it thinking its just started, sit tight as it quite a journey and i'll let you know when its right up to date - Please bear with me as this may take some time (and i may need a smoke break at some point)

Some serious cooling needed for this EVGA SR-2 board and although the 840 is a pretty big case it was obviously going to be to small for 3 loops so lets get "stacking"

Anyway, i was looking at my separates under the TV and liked how they stacked with the round silver feet showing in between so decided to do something similar with the two 840's and make a stacked rad box to fit on top.

I'm thinking a couple of EK 480 radiators up top - one for the CPU's and one for the full board block and and a couple of MIP's RAM Freezers.

I'm removing the hard drive caddy from the main 840 and will be mounting two EK 240's there for the graphics cards.

So, i did a bit of a crude mock up with bits of chewing gum just to see how things look

MINI 840 anyone

System Spec:
Coolermaster ATCs 840 Chassis x2
Intel X5650's
EVGA SR-2 Motherboard
EVGA GTX480 Hydro Copper FTW (4 way SLI)
12GB Crucial RAM
Kingston 64GB SSD's
Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 1200w PSU

Watercooling Spec:
MIPS MB and RAM Freezer Blocks
Watercool HK3 CPU Blocks
Bitspower Carbon Black fittings
Phobya Radiators (2x 480 & 2x 240)
Koolance RP-450X2 Bay-Res x2
Laing D5 Pumps x3

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I got to hold one of the early samples at CeBIT in March 2010 but i forgot how big they actually are but none the less it, what a fantastic piece of kit.

Anyway couldn't resist sticking a few dual PCB 295's in there just to see how it looked

......blocks all ordered

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Well i finished off fabricating the rad box and got it riveted back together so decided to test fit one of the 480 rads which fit perfect so all the measuring paid off.

The whole top will be replaced with a 6mm thick piece of aluminium with a vent that will match both sides of the box but more on that later - just added the original top to see how things were looking and i'm well chuffed.

And finally, i couldn't resist a photo next to the mini H20 Cosmos

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Nothing to see really but couldn't resist firing this thing up on the table

I didn't think i had a PSU that would work but found a new Coolermaster Silent Pro M 1000w which has 2x CPU 12v 4+4 Pin and 6x PCIe 6+2 Pin and works a treat though not tried any 295's yet but booted and loaded W7 on a 74GB Raptor with a 285 and all seems well.

Time to play

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I hadn't planned on using either Phobya radiators or fans but when a friend at Aquatuning UK saw the prod log here and suggested i give them a go, plus the fans fit in perfectly with the colour scheme, who was i to argue. So hats off to both Aquatuning and Phobya for getting involved in this mod.

13x Phobya Nano-G 12 PWM LED Silent Waterproof 1500rpm
13x Phobya 4Pin PWM extension 30cm - black
2x Phobya G-Changer 240 Black
2x Phobya G-Changer 480 Ver. 1.2 Black
2x Phobya Radiator Stand - black - Quad - 4x120mm

Still waiting on blocks but before i get the 480 rads mounted in the rad box, i'm going to do some simple testing to see which way is best for airflow etc but they do fit perfectly

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Big thanks to Michael at MIP's for getting me the SR-2 blocks along with a couple of HK3's and RAM Freezers.

I pre-ordered some M3 stand-off along with some M3 Hex bolts so could go ahead and mount the HK3's using the standard SR-2 back plates so couldn't resist to do a dry run to see how things look

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Three Kazemaster fan controllers turned up for the rad box so time to make a bezel to hold them.

Just wish they had turned up earlier so i could have got them all mounted but ran out of time so one down, two to go and at least the weather is going to hold out all weekend so more to come over the next few days.

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Oops, missed a couple of pictures out!

I used my trusty Fret Saw with piercing 12 x 32tpi blades for the cut outs

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Finished the bezel for the rad box which worked out good even though there is a few slight imperfection - fan controllers are just stuck in with Blu Tack for the time being and the whole thing still needs powder coated and painted but that's it pretty much done

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Couldn't resist doing a bit of a mock up held together with bubble gum and string

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