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Massive thanks to Vincent at Bitspower who shares the same birthday as me

Got the extended motherboard tray all made up and added the rails for it to slide in and out but took photos with wrong WB and they came out crap so i'll have to take more pictures once it stops raining.

Also the front bezel SR-2 logo which i did have the correct setting on the camera and added some scrap red plexi behind but the plan is to fill up the logo with red Crystal Resin so its flush and light it from behind.

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Decided to make a replica motherboard tray out of yellow plexi so i could align all the stand-offs to the motherboard rather than straight into the metal tray itself so if any adjustments needed making i could do it in the plexi rather than the tray itself.

Dropped in a couple of old graphics cards to make sure it was all in the right place and all the measuring and double checking paid off as all 11 stand-offs were in the correct position in the plexi so it was a simple case of just using the plexi as a template laid on the actual motherboard tray to drill the holes for real and jobs a gud'n apart from a bit of patchwork needed around the back panel.

Also couldn't resist a couple of block shots with the Bitspower fittings

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It fits \\o/

The new motherboard tray is 365 x 395mm as appose to the original at 335 x 350mm so for the tray to still remains functional and still removable i had to adjust the rails in the case slightly.

Was a pretty easy fix by simply adjusting the height of the top rail with a bit of cutting and a new little bracket riveted in which all looks a little rough at present but should be fine once its all stripped down and powder coated but all in all i’m happy with the fit.

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I got to give a BIG shout out to Crucial UK who came good with a couple of 6GB kits of RAM. It wasn't my first choice kit but given the current economy, i'm more than grateful for them getting involved in the first place so thanks Crucial.

Still not sure on SSD's yet but still a little while to go before i'll be needing those.

Anyway, got all 12GB added to the MIP's RAM Freezers and hopefully should get a bit of proper case mods done over the holidays but i've been a little worried to ChainSaw any further until i decide on reservoirs.

Carbon Black Bitspower fittings

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Well, time to make a whole new top cover for the rad box as i won’t be needing the power/reset button and just wanted something that looked a bit different as i’ve never really been to keen on the look of the standard 840 fan grills.

Got one large piece of 7mm alu which will cover the entire top – all i got to do is round off the front to mimic the original, then cut the vent in and finally chamfer the edges.

Lets see if my little B&D jigsaw can cope with 7mm alu

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Well after humming and harring about which pump/reservoirs i was going to use, the final decision came down to what would actually fit.

Due to the placement of the bottom two 240 radiators i'm going to lose at least one drive bay, probably two and given i'm going to be running three loops it came down to a couple of RP-450X2's.

I got to say my initial impression of these is nice but those logo's just had to go so set about making them fit in with the rest of the mod.

I had to ditch the original bezels and black M3 hex bolts and replace them with slightly shorter countersink ones so once the plexi had been countersunk, the heads would be flush to allow my new hand cut bezels to mount directly to the plexi.

The last couple of mock-up shots show how they fit in with a wide screen TFT just below - obviously they will be powder coated and painted in the not to distant future

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Got the side panels cut down to size for the rad box and then went about fitting four flush mount vents using the mesh out of Bitspower rad grills and used the actual grill as the template to hand cut the four openings pretty much as i did a while back on a Corsair 800D mod which gives that kinnda simple but effective kind of look and should look good with the red LED fans behind.

Just got to do the other side now and then two in each side of the main case but i think i'll concentrate on getting the rad box finished before moving onto the main chassis

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Well i just turned the standard 6 drive bays into 4 to allow the two radiators to mount below in a separate little rad box.

Sounds easy..........well it was really but i had to be double sure of all measurements while cutting down the original drive cage and also while folding the new rad box as 1mm out and it would throw the entire chassis out but luckily my measuring skills didn't let me down and everything lines up perfect and square

I'm trying to get everything finished so i can go about stripping it all down and getting it to powder coat by Friday.

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Still a canny way to go but i just thought i’d show you this nice neat little hose routing from top to bottom of the chassis which turned out pretty good and a few other random shots of where things are at the end of the day

Got all the chassis back from powder coaters at lunch time today in totally flawless Carbon Black to match the Carbon Bitspower fittings and set about getting it built back up which is the bit i like best seeing it all come together.

Anyway, my life is currently on hold until i get this complete as it starts its journey to Germany for CeBit on the 22nd so best get my skates on

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Today was a good day - got the top hand made bezel fitted to the top chassis with the power / reset and LEDs all mounted and grill installed.

Best part of the day though was hose routing both the motherboard / RAM loop and the CPU loop - both turned out really well considering the amount of hose involved so only the GPU loop to do which is pretty straight forward but still waiting on cards to turn up aranoid: but apart from that, i seem to be making good progress

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