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Anyone know what the fan mounting positions are like on MSI 6970 Lightning the or the Asus 6970 DCII? I'm wondering if it is possible to replace the stock fans with others, especially if it's at all possible to fit larger, slower 120mms. The shrouds would almost certainly need to be left off, but you get to take advantage of their upgraded electrical components and heatsinks, and it might be possible to nearly silence the already reasonably quiet cards without affecting their temps.

As a second question, does anyone know if a Thermalright Shaman can be installed on either one? Thermalright only guarantees installation on reference cards, which these are not, but they don't explicitly say that it won't install. The MSI looks very similar in layout to the reference cards, the Asus less so, but I'm just wondering if anyone out there is any experience with trying this.