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GPU Recognition?

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Many times when, I run some sort of GPU testing program (FurMark, 3DMark06), my POS integrated GPU will be displayed. Is there a way to switch it so my nVidia GeForce GT 555m will be displayed? Does this mean mine computer is only using the Integrated Graphics card? I didn't even see an option in FurMark to switch the renderer and I'm guessing for 3DMark06 you need to buy the full version? In MSI Afterburner it recognizes the 555m fine.

I know nVidia has the Optimus technology as well and my laptop has a hardware switch above the keyboard that supposedly has to do something with that but doesn't seem to do anything.

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Benchmarking software should let you select which display adapter to use, and some games and other software do as well.

Just look in the options somewhere.
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