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ram slot not working..

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i got 2x 2G corsair ram..it works well before..but now seems only 1 ram slot is working..the ram is working, but the slot seems the problem..when i insert the the ram at slot B, the computer wont boot..is it motherboard problem? what can i do to solve this?
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hello Rocker,

Lets look at some possibilities for this problem. Sometimes some motherboard wont boot because the ram are place at the wrong slots. Did you put the ram in the color coordinate slots? Another possibility is the type of ram. Some motherboards are only compatible with ddr2 or ddr3 ram. If you could give me your motherboard name it would help as well.
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hellow cheenou,

The motherboard is gigabyte m61sme-s2, ram is ddr2 type..i have used them for almost a year, this problem occur just two weeks ago.. i think the problem is with the ram slot:-
  • each ram(tested one by one) on slot 1 only: both cannot boot
  • each ram on slot 2: both works
  • two ram on slot 1&2: cannot boot

i think slot 2 is not working. how do i fix this?thanks..
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