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I am on a first name basis with my ups carrier "Dave". Great guy asks about the gf and kids and every day stuff always comes at the same time, and will NEVER leave it in front of the garage. here's a horror story for ya... I shipped a pc to a friend ( i5 750 4GB ram 5870 in a haf 922 ) and when he got it, the gpu didn't work, and there wqas physical damage to the case. the rear corner where the door is on the bottom was bent in so badly the door would not fit on once removed including rivets broken. they then shipped it back to me and i filed a claim ( i had insurance on it for up to 1500. ) after originally being denied I told them i took photos of the damage. they told me to email them so i did. 2 days later they called and asked how much to replace damaged parts and told them it depends on what is damaged trial and error have to replace one part at a time. so they said with the parts that potentially needed replacement, compared to the cost of complete replacement, they sent me a check for 1300. I then rma'd the gpu ( was not physically damaged but didn't work rested in my rig ) then purchased new case. it seems that was all that was i used the remainder to build my i7 rig ( and upgraded his ram for free to 8GB ) now I ship fed-ex and never had a problem. ( apparently all packages form ups and subject to a 6 foot drop.. ( which doesn't bode well for a 40 lb pc ) lesson learned