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Need help with new CPU/RAM

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I do not know much about quads and the new settings my bios has for them such as cpu/ram ratio, Advanced Auto Clock ect, I have tryed researching this to fine tune it myself but I can't do it and have the pc boot up, I always have to flip the CMOS switch and start over, only works on normal mode in my Biostar 790gx 128m MOBO, manual OC mode causes black screen on post, OC settings V6-V8 work, V12 makes my post stop at disk read failure, I figure that has to do with HT but I'm NOT sure.

I also am having trouble setting up my new ram, I had 2 gigs Kingston DDR2 1066, and just bought two more of the same types of ram, so now I have 4 gigs total of it. Again I cannot edit the volts, timings ect. without having to set my OC mode in BIOS to Manual, which cause my CPU and RAM to not work together for the PC to boot up.

So if anyone could tell me what to turn off and what to turn on, aswell as Voltages for the CPU and RAM, aswell as HT settings. I do not wish to use MOBO's auto OC modes, to unstable. I would love to get this PC working great like it should, sitting on new parts such as a GTX 460 and my new proc a Phenom 2 920 quad. Thanks for any assistance!!!

on a note, I have efficient cooling threwout the case, aswell as aftermarket cooling on my CPU, and heatsinks on my mosfets and RAM modules, cables are managed well also. ty

This pc is for gaming/web browsing
EDIT: OS is Vista 32 Bit SP2
HDD: 32mb Cache WD 1TB

EDIT: Heres some info hope it helps

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First, Why are you running 4 GB of system ram whilst running a 768MB card. At best your system will only be using 3.2 GB of that 4GB RAM due to the OS being 32 bit.

Second, I can only assume that the 920 is a locked CPU if that is the case then the only real way to overclock is through using the HTT/CPU Frequency/FSB and the NB voltage. Whilst doing that keep the CPU, RAM, CPU-NB, HT as close to stock as possible.

Then once the CPU Frequency/FSB is solid then move onto upping the CPU MULTI.
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