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I've got a chip that's acting a bit funny.

Via C3 1.2ghz. I have it pin modded to 1.65v VID from stock of 1.45v

I tested this chip originally on air and got it to 1449mhz, but now I'm going phase on it just to see what it can really do.

I was having issues getting it to POST with the phase going, so I turned off the phase and let it warm up to -6c and it successfully POST.

I decided to see what temp it would lock up at to determine if it was a coldbug. I turned on the phase and watched the temps go down to -48C, but it never locked up, so I decided to see what it would do.

I took the chip to 1.7ghz and it hardlocked and I tried to restart it, but again it wouldn't POST.

I guess my question is, has anyone ever had a coldbugged cpu that wouldn't POST at a certain temp but would ultimately run at a colder temp after the initial POST?
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