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Razer Mamba Help

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So ive reconfigured my macros, and realized my old macro for minimizing windows was crapping up.

Is there really any way to create the "Minimize Window" macro in this goddam software? ive spent the last 10minutes trying to, and it's soooo annoying. the sequence needs to be:

Space [DOWN]
Space [UP]
N [UP]

this is with no delays, and i simply cannot recreate this macro due to the fact that whenever i press the first two in the sequence, the "Move, Close Window, Learn about Mamba Configurator" comes up instead of continuing to let me input controls. Ive even tried going to advance and adding "Swap Window" insert into the macro then just putting the N [down/up] at the end but it works to no avail...please help!
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i dont think it can be done
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ahh actually i got it to work, i spammed the separate buttons of left alt, space, and ended the spam with the N sequence, then started to delete some of the sequences and i actually managed to create a sequence through that spam of keys of my desired one, so all is well.

only bad thing now is that this 5600DPI sensor is way too sensitive to my klipsch subwoofer, it jitters all over the place :\\
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