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Coolit ECO; high temps?

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Hello, I didn't know where exactly to post, so I tought I might ask it here.

I recently bought a coolit eco *water* cooling system. Thanks for a surprise sale at NCIX.

So anyway, I have an i5 2500k. It's overclocked, I believe. CPUZ show it going at 4.5 when there's load on it, otherwise it downclock itself to 1.6 when at idle. The vcore is also set at 1.280 stable.

Now, my biggest concern is my temps. When it idle, it can go down to as low as 23C, and under load it can reach 60-65. I'm using a push pull config on the radiator, so I added another 120mm fans.

Are those temps normal? Is the vcore too high? The thermal paste applyed is MX-2 and I think (well I hope) I applyed it correctly.

Thanks in advance

P.S Sorry for the horrible spelling, I just woke up <.<
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Temps seem fine tbh as long as it stays under 75oc under heavy load you've done well

If your worried about the thermal paste might be a good idea to clean it up and apply some mx3 paste
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Alright, thanks alot.

I was worried because with my old Q6600 and a little artic freezer pro It would stay under 60 degrees with the CPU being overclocked at 3.4
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No problem

Thing is it being i5 it will be running a lil hotter so don't be too worried! your idle temps are nice and low so it would suggest you've done a good job
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