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8800 GT possible overheating

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Hey there! A while ago I bought about a $400 E-machine desktop. I put a Nvidia 8800gt in it along with upgrading the ram to 2gb. It ran flawlessly for a long time. After getting a laptop, I sold it to a friend. He used it for a few months. Now the computer is going up to 100°C and the screen shuts down but the computer stays on. I told him to shut the computer down because it's not safe to be running it that hot. (For the record, I used Nvidia Inspector to check the temperatures and the computer is NOT overclocked.) Both fans are working so I'm really clueless on what to do here. I'm not bad with computers but internal work isn't really my cup of tea. I'd appreciate any help. I'm currently at my friend's house so if you need to see any pictures just let me know, thanks! redface.gif
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Would it be possible to get a internal shot of the case smile.gif

Sounds like this, either something is bloking the fans and not allowing enough air around.
Or you need to give it a bit of a clean up due to a dust build up
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Will do! Just give me a minute.
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I have a 8800GT and they naturally run hot.. Mine was running at 70 degrees idle before i upped the fan to 50% then installed a side fan and that dropped it to an idle of 59. It still reaches 81ish during gaming but nothing more.

It certainly shouldnt be getting that hot though
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I've noticed that too on mine when it worked. It slowly rises to 100° when not gaming. When you start up a game, it almost instantly jumps to about 75-80° and then quickly rises to 100°. It has the CPU fan (I believe), graphic card fan, and an additional side-fan and they are all working and blowing at 100% so I'm kind of stumped. I'm uploading the pictures now. Will edit when they're done. Thanks!


Here they are. If you need anything more specific, let me know! Thanks! biggrin.gif
EDIT: Sorry, they didn't post, there are the links. :/
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Yea they do have the tendancy of being a tad hot, But you just need to put some fans on it too push cold air into the gpu fans so they run cooler

Thanks for the pics
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No problem! Let me know if you see anything special that strikes out, "Moron! There's your problem!" lol.
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Right after seeing the pics I think the problem lies with the case it looks like it has no air flow at all. you have a fan above it it sucking air in or out? you could do with a cheap gaming case like a coolermaster 330 elite or something like that with some nice 120mm fans
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Leave the side panel off.

Problem solved! Blow the card out with compressed air. just hold onto the fan, get some compressed air, blow out the heatsink, and the rear IO
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That may be it, but it did work well before and we tried running it with the side of the case off so essentially maximum airflow. Before I go out and buy a gaming case, I'd just like to be sure. Thanks for your patience and help mate! tongue.gif

EDIT: Thanks for your reply SpeedNuggeT. We did try leaving the side panel off and using it. I didn't blow the card out stupidly enough, but it doesn't look dusty. We're about to get go blow it out, but in the mean-time, any other suggestions. redface.gif Sorry if I'm coming off as picky lol.
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