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Few Questions about the 5770

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ok, i know alot of people say that newer cards are great. but heres my reasoning and then the questions.

1. in 2009 when i built this rig (around when the PH II x3 720 BE was all the rage), i build my current rig with 2 Radeon HD 4670s in crossfire. and they would still do what I need. but i wanted to start running amazing graphics and see some great quality. but i didn't want a single card, hers why
i purchased a new PSU and the 2 5770s at Christmas time, got them at a great price, 99.99 each on a new egg deal and i purchased 2 of them.

i have a 22 " acer wide screen, as you can see in my Profile pic, u cans see the 2 monitors, (i know only use 1 because i build my wife's rig and gave her one of mine so i could save some money)
now, i heard about 1080pm and HD blah blah.. but. when it comes to all this i actually don't understand anything on resolution other than 1080p is the best (i think)
do u have to have a monitor that HAS HD capability or can u set in CCC the HD resolution etc.

also, with "Project Red Death" i am going to be running a large multi monitor setup. capable of massive multitasking. gaming/monitoring temps and loads/ and possibly you tube music list along with i tunes for some jams. yes i own an i-pod touch, YES i hate apple software and hardware, but it was a gift from my wife. whats the best way for multi monitor setup when it comes to hardware/software. jstu get 4 nice monitors that have a great resolution and hook them to the cards, and setup multiple monitors.. or some sort of other setup. thanks everyone for the help.

(on another note, i WILL be purchasing 2 of the new 7XXX ATI cards in the fall. so i can get the monitors at the same time. thanks again!

i currently run 1 monitor on my 2 5770s and the resolution is 1690x1050
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Most, if not all, monitors sold now are HD. Any monitor with more than 720 lines of vertical resolution do. 900 is probably the lowest you'll see. So yes, you'll be fine.
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sweet, im going to run 4 acer HD monitors with HDMI cables, so im thinking this will be a beast setup if it can all hold together lol
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Note: you can't use more than 3 monitors with eyefinity on a 57xx series card. Even if you crossfire, you'll still only be able to use 3 monitors max.
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i do not plan on eye-finity, just 4 monitors for multitasking. not a huge fan of eyefinity anyways
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