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DF-85 and Khuler 920 question

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ok matching the Khuler 920 and the DF 85

i would love to mount the rad outside the case, but the hose ports on the back of the case are a little low and below the 2nd fan.. are the tubes long enough for me to do this.. or is it going to be better at mounting it in the top of the case... i REALLY want to avoid doing this at all costs if it is possible. hoping someone may have this setup so i can get some proof thanks all.
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As far as I'm aware the tubing on these types of units is permanently attached. You will have to physically cut the tubing off and replace it with your own.. at which point the length of it is a non-issue.

Edit: I had a quick look around and couldnt find anyone modding a Kuhler unit but you can take a look at these H50/H70 threads to get an idea of what you would be looking at - they're basically the same thing.


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and that is a little too much modding for me. i would rather remove the rubber grommets fromt he DF-85 and dremmel a hole large enough for the water block/pump to slip through... much easier and NO risk of my crappy tube replacing skills , of withc i have NONE of lol
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Edited above.

Good luck whatever you choose
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still not wanting to mod the stock setup.. will be my first watercooling setup, and im shooting for 0-no erros. not wanting to tell the wife i mesed up my first WC rig and have to buy new parts.... she REALLLY wants the sims generations and if i cant keep my budget on track and get that for her... ill be sleeping on the couch

wait... new BD rig with shinys and sleep on couch..... or not.... dam the hard choices
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