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5850 upgrade options

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hey guys, so im thinking im interested in jumping into a new graphics card. im currently running a gigabyte 5850 which is the factory overclocked version which has served me very well so far. im wondering if its yet worth upgrading that card for maybe a 6950 2gb?

some of the reviews ive read dont really impress me in terms of performance gains to be had over the 5850, ive thought about trying to get my hands on another 5850 for a nice little crossfire set up. is it worth doing this? or would a good single card be a better option? i have had crossfire systems in the past with 4870's and had no issues or micro-stuttering and or driver issues in games i played.

also i will be jumping into water cooling very soon and my initial loop didnt include the gpu but the more i think about it the more im keen to go that direction down the track. my budget is fairly modest as ive never been one to spend big money on graphics cards due to their fairly high turn over rate. so good middle of the road or bang for buck would be awesome.

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Going from 5850-->6950 isn't a very good choice right now. My single 5850 with a decent overclock yields roughly the same performance of a 6950, unfortunately.

If you are comfortable with a crossfire setup then go for it. I wouldn't recommend one personally.
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Before I dropped 2k on a new gaming comp, I was running XFX HD 5850's, Crossfired, and I loved them. Wife needed a new comp, so I gave her the AMD Machine, and I built my sig rig. She has zero problems running any game with that setup.
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