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Q: My PC system freezes or has BSOD problems.
A:These can be classfied as compatibility problems or crashes with data-intensive devices. When you put use a "data-heavy" device such as webcam, WiFi card or TV Tuner card, it is possible to have a crash.Try the following suggestions:

Update your motherboard chipset and BIOS.
Move your sound card to another PCI slot.
Run your 'Disk defragmenter software (Go to Start->All programs->Accessories->System tools->Disk defragmenter)
Check for device IRQ number conflicts. ( Go to ‘my computer’ right click -> properties -> hardware -> device manager -> view -> resources by connection -> interrupt request IRQ ).If you think that some devices are unnecessary, right click and select disable.
Try removing "data-heavy" devices and then testing your sound card. Set the onboard sound device to Disabled at the BIOS setup. The MIDI port and Game port need to be set as Disabled as well.
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