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So um, the USB 3.0 internal adapter is supposed to be available (here) for pre-order now. I'd like to get my hands on one but Bitfenix doesn't ship to Canada. The case I have my eye on doesn't have front panel USB 3.0 and this will help me make use of my internal header... when it comes to Canada lol

Edit: So I didn't realize this was a case dominant thread... but I guess this isn't too far off?
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Not at all. Seems to be related. Which case are you looking at?
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Originally Posted by DrC View Post
Would it be possible to mod those walls to fit the radiator there?
Sadly, no.

You'd have to remove everything (all the little walls) because they form a closed space that isn't long or wide enough for any rad. If you did that, the mesh wouldn't be held in place anymore. And that space between the steel and the plastic is insufficient in terms of height as well.

Only option left: make a huge hole in the plastic and have the rad stick out like the blowers on some cars. I don't think it would work though. There isn't enough room to work, around the mesh (see here).
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Got me a Shinobi and am absolutely loving it. I can't stop stroking the rubber coating I plan to put an H100 in it once it gets here and giving it a black and white theme with the Spectre white LED fans that I have
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Originally Posted by uncholowapo View Post
I plan to put an H100 in it
Don't forget to tell us how this goes.
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Hello there good men.

I must admit, I wanted this case purely for aesthetics. But now since I've looked at it more closely, I see that this case is OOOZING with quality. Almost amazing how good of a case you can get for under 80 bucks. This case will definitely be my go-to case when I build more rigs for others as well to get the bitfenix name out there.

EDIT: By any chance, does anyone know how to do the front drive bay mod? where you have the optical drive still there but you have the front panel on top of it as well?
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I'm with you on this. I was surprised too when I got mine. Definitely best bang for the buck as far as I can tell. I'm not sure what you're referring to with the front bay drive.
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Well the mod I think I saw around on OCN, was that you would take the front drive cover and put it on your dvd drive so it'll keep that streamlined look in the front
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If you have a link, it would help.
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They actually have a specialized bay cover for the Shinobi

Check it out, its on their front page!

Le Click

With this cover, they have made me a very happy customer of their amazing case
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