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Get at least a RX240 setup minimum... And the gpu should not affect your setup (as long as you mean the temp of the gpu and not adding the gpu in the loop).
I took my rad from outside my case and mounted it inside at the top and pull the air from outside and the temps were no different.

Just be sure to have the cool air coming from outside the case through the rad. If you pull it from inside your case through the rad it will be blowing warm air through it....

hmmm, i guess a 240 rad would do the cooling better, but the thing is that my case doesn't have the space for a 240 rad without doing some sort of modding work. and as for now i simply don't have the tools, cash or time to do that. so i was thinking rather than a rs120 (thin rad), would a rx120 (almost double the thickness) be enough for just the cpu itself?

and regarding the gpu, no i do not intend to add the gpu to the loop. i am just concerned that the heat dissipated from the gpu would heat up the loop as the tubes would be going across it.

and thanks about the tip regarding the fan direction, i guess it makes more sense to draw cooler air from outside the case smile.gif