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There are always used Xbox 360 slims! We've had tons of promotions for $99/$129 Xbox 360 4gb and there's a lot of cheap used ones now.

I understand that it's good to do something you like, but if you're spending more than 20 hours which I would assume since you said "two weeks" and if you're making any less than $200 profit, then sadly you'd be better off flipping burgers at McDonalds.
Hmm I didnt know that the slims were down to that pricing now used if so it could be a way to make these more affordable and drop the cost down a bit. It would have to be a slim model tho as they changes a bunch of stuff with it.

knocking 100-200 off of the price would make these much more attractive to people

Also where is "we've" might be interested in the future