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I'm looking to get a portable computer that's
1) easy to carry with me (needs to be small and light)
2) has decent battery life (at least 4 hours with reasonable backlight settings)

...and came across this and this.

I've never used or seen a Gigabyte laptop, let alone used one, and I've never even heard of Activo. If anyone has experience with either manufacturer or machine, how do you like them? Are these solid machines? Worth it (considering that everything here costs more).

I'm leaning towards the ultraslim because, well, it just happens to be better as far as specs go and it'd still fit in pretty much any bag that I would use. Plus given my performance requirements I could use it as my main and sell my current rig (a PITA Dell Studio 17) to my grampa (who's looking to replace his 4 years old computer) for a reasonable price.