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I don't understand why any of you believe you're entitled to unlimited Internet access for the same price as people who don't use theirs very much. Network bandwidth is a resource and some people use it a lot more than others.
Well, heres the thing, internet usage and users has gone up significantly over the last few years. Abroad, countries are providing faster, unlimited connections, for lower rates. In the US, they are setting limits BECAUSE they see a increase in profits to be made.

Their servers can easily handle all of the bandwidth going through it, they are just trying to monopolize the system to people who need more internet.

It is just plain unfair for companies to try and limit what was once free, especially since it costs them a minimalistic amount to handle what they say they are trying to compensate for.

It is a huge step backwards, as streaming movies is becoming much more popular, as well is downloading everything offline as it is easier then going to buy a disc at walmart or bestbuy. The ISP's are going against this ever changing technological world we live in.