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I think even the Super Flower Golden Green (80 plus gold) units are supposed to be quiet as well. They're very efficient and use 140mm fans, so you'd hope they would be. Anyway, the jonnyguru review of the 800W modular one showed it actually had a less powerful fan than the NZXT Hale90 and Kingwin Lazer Gold (those are based on the SF Golden Green) 850W units.

Anyway, Enermax Modu/Pro87+ is a safe choice and quieter than Seasonic X Series at higher loads and especially at higher temperatures:

I'm not sure what prices you're finding, but hardwareversand ships across Europe for reasonable amounts of money. Golden Green Pro (non-modular) 550W is 70,58 €:

Enermax Pro87+ (non-modular) 500W is a much less appealing 107,11 €: