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Laptop advice

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Going to be updating the wife's laptop in August her Dell is finally starting to show its age. She won't be gaming at all and that part is guaranteed. What we're looking for though, it would be awesome if we can take advantage of the free xbox promotion microsoft is doing since we're both students. But here's the criteria....

Solid build quality. Her last laptop just felt a little cheap in general and she wants something that feels sturdy.

Sandy bridge chipset.

17" with a 10 key

priced around $750

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http://configure.us.dell.com/dellsto...iron-17r-n7110 dell inspiron 17r, has an intel 2410m processor, integrated graphics, a 1600x900 resolution and has the full keyboard with a 10 key. The main downside is that the hard drive is only a 5400rpm one but you could probably purchase one separately if that would be an issue, you could get a better laptop for the price but this will let you get the free xbox since it is a dell.

edit: there are no 17.3" laptops on the windows store or from HP that have sandy bridge processors and are in your price range so this Dell may be your best bet.
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Only certain models are eligible for the free xbox. This is one of them.

The list from HP will be officially announced today I believe. I don't know about Dell.
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