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i7 965 + rampage extreme II OC WC

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Hey there,
Im n00000000b at WC and OC.

This is my first attempt to WC and OC my pc since i ever got it
I have a
i7 965 3.2
Rampage Extreme II
6 GB crosair triple channel 1600 MHz
GTX 295

The only thing that im really interesting in OCing is the CPU.
I bought the water block for the CPU and I've done all my research on what to buy. BUT one thing that i dont see stable across builds is the north to south water bock or the X58 waterblock only. I dont know if i should or not WC other chipsets.

So question 1 is: Since the only thing that i want to OC is the CPU alone should I WC the chipset too? Like i would like to try to push it to AT LEAST 4ghz...

The question 2: comes when OCing the ram, although they already have a fan over them, i've never OCed them. Does it really make a big difference if i OC the ram?...

Question 3: How much can i push the i7 965 to be stable? and if anyone has a link to the OC details i would be deeeply thankful

thanks guys for sharing your knowledge! =)
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If you are trying to really push your cpu overclock then I do suggest you water cool your chipset. Overclocking the ram does help to an extent. Dont expect MAJOR performance increases, but slightly faster load times will come depending on how much you overclock. The faster your cpu overclock, the more you will notice the ram overclock from my understanding. As for actually overclocking the 965, I cant really help you there. But there are plenty of OC guides in the intel section for that. You could also make a post in the intel cpu section if you cant find the info you are looking for.
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thank you =)
i will post it over there then
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