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I changed it to 1.65V, but CPU-Z in voltage values are 1.5V. I checked again in BIOS, and it's 1.65V.
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That's because CPUZ doesn't show current voltage for ram, use PC Probe II from the ASUS web site to view voltages and temps. HWMonitor is another monitoring utility, as long as it's set in the bios you're good to go. It depends on the mobo as to which, and how many of these are actually displayed so don't be concerned if they don't show. Trust what you have in the bios and don't worry! Dang, your making me nervous Just teasing you now lol.
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Thank you people for help I couldn't imagine better help than this ))))
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Now to help you relax, please note that all you/we did was to bring your ram up to the manufacture advertised specs which is what you paid for. It should run like this for years to come with no need for concern. This is in no way going to hurt or degrade the ram. Compared to what it was set at with everything on auto you could easily see the difference this will make in performance by using MaxxMem II (Google the DL) and run it on both this setup and with everything on auto, and simply compare the "Memory Score" between the two. You'll also see the increase in Read, Write and Copy speeds.
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You can also "tighten" your memory timings for more performance...
Only if you are comfortable with it, try setting the BIOS to:


1600MHZ (800 MHz)
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Is it safe to set this values? I mean, I shouldn't damage hw?
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yes, worst case, bsod/freeze/no post
if it doesnt post, reset bios
if it posts, set the values higher
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It either works or is doesn't. If you have any problems starting the computer reset the BIOS( usually with a jumper) and put it back to 9-9-9-27. If you have a problem but can still POST then go into the BIOS and set it back to 9-9-9-27. I'm running "1333MHz" DDDR3 at 1600MHz with 8-8-8-24 so your 1600MHz stuff should be able to handle it. It's a performance thing.
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