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Project: Black Widow

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Project Black Widow

So first thing, i would like to stay that this is my first real big build. I have had these components for a while now and always wanted to make something nice.

so to start off this log ill give you a list of components:
MB: Asus Rampage 3 Extreme (Going in for rma replacement)
CPU: i7 970 (Have)
RAM: GSkill ripjaws 1600mhz (Have)
GPU: Trifire 6970 (ordered)
Boot: OCZ 120gb ssd (Have)
Storage: WD 320gb drive (Have)
BlueRay Drive (Have)
HotSwap Drive Bay (for fixing up my friends stuff) (Have)

now for the fun part......
3 MCP 350 pumps with the xspc triple top (Have)
Rasa block (ordered)
Ram Fan (Have)
EK 6970 Blocks (waiting on money tree to grow)
Cylinder Res (Need Custom plate inside do not have yet)
3 X Quad 120mm radiator (Have)
Fans: GT 2150 (group buy fans)

so for the case.. well thats the best part biggrin.gif it will be a desk mod. There has been a couple of these on here and i wanted to make my own. The construction will be done by my brother, who is in grade 11 and loves working with wood.

Wait for updates im not gonna spoil anyhtign so thats all teh details you get for now:

Update 1
Update 2
Update 3
Update 4
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Update 1:

so my brother had made a number of parts for me already. The first bach has been painted already and are lovely looking. Im sory for the bad pictures but i dotn have a camera so teh cell phone was all i could use:
this is my harddrive mount. It looks great and is easy to change if i ever upgrade biggrin.gif
This is my ssd mount. I think it looks great biggrin.gif
And this is 2 of my 3 gfx card biggrin.gif

thats all for now more tm
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Update 2

so today ill be treating you to some more details on the construction of my desk/computer.... The desk will be 50 inchs long and 30 inch wide. The gap will be 10 inches deep biggrin.gif Interior is going to be all black with red highlights.

now for some pictures of the Hotswap bay and dvd bays biggrin.gif

HotSwap Bay
From the top
DVD drive
the mounting of the pumps

i only have one pump for now but the other two are on there way
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Update 3

so for the past 2 weeks my brother has been in school and hasnt been able to make all my parts and such as fasst as i would like. However we managed to get the desk built except for the shelf and the glass top.
pictures are below Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

To attach the top box to the bottom we used cleats:

later dotay ill be posting all of teh components i have biggrin.gif
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so i know its been a while but persanal things put life on hold lol nonethe less after getting distracted by League Of Legends for an hour or so DSC00169.jpg
and my t3's wore down a bit i decided to get my ass in gear and start up again
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
so i took some mesurements of my new 24 inch hires screens DSC00176.jpg
then i realised i needed a 360 of my setup to mesuare it better so i moved on over to the bedroom

next up i cut my peices and made a prelim mock up of the stand

next up i setup my wc gear to ensure its all working


my waterpumps are great to bad one of them doesnt work... im gonna have to rip it apart adn see whats up

so for control i purchased a nzxt mesh fancontroller. supposed to do 30w per channel so ch1 is for one rad 2 is for the second 3 is for the third 4th is for the pumps and 5 is gonna be for the lighting biggrin.gif

also picked up a switch in a trade (gotta ship that out now) gonna throw that in teh rig as my deskmod is gonna be a hub biggrin.gif

kinda hard to see but i put some custom wires in there just mock up atm but its gonna make runing the fan wires so much easier

we painted and added a fan to help the psu from over heating. This was my dads idea but we cut the hole so perfect that i dont need anythign but physics to hole the 90mm fan in place biggrin.gif
ill be updating this again gonna snap some more pics
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