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im using a LG w2254tq monitor on a gateway laptoop with an ati 4300

recently, my desktop (gateway) went into power saving mode during an idle as per normal, and could not recover. I rebooted and received no picture on my monitor, only a 'digital power saving mode' message to which is native to the monitor, not my desktop. It would appear my monitor didn't blow.

I attempted to replace the digital cable with the analog one from my monitor to my ati 4300 to its respective vga connection. power on, no luck. i then removed my ati card and plugged the analog cable into my onboard video, power on, no luck.

i decided to replace the mother board to a intel dg41rq, as i figured the mobo was the culprit. i repeated all the attempts noted above with my old motherboard, all the same results, no picture.

i then became more suspect of the monitor as the problem, and plugged it into my laptop via analog cable, and voila a picture of my laptop screen was presented on the monitor.

I then again tried to plug the analog cable into my atri card and brand new mobo's analog vga connection once more, and only a 'digital power saving mode' native to the monitor displays as before. I get no flickers, or screen shade changing or anything to suggest the monitor is attempting to present a picture from the desktop.

i also reset the CMOS and removed the bios jumper to enter recovery, but still no avail.

gentlemen, any suggestions?

thank you