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Hi, there is a problem which has made me crazy for 3 days, about the game performance of my system. This is my current system;
ati radeon hd 5750, 4 gb ram, amd phenom II 4x 925, windows xp

Although I can play Battlefield Bad Company 2, Mass Effect 1&2, Dragonage 1&2 etc. without any difficulty in high graphic settings, 2 older games which I bought and installed 3 days ago, Assassin's Creed(first game) and FarCry 2 freeze during the all play-time. I lowered the graphic qualities, but these changes did not affect the performance.

I post an e-mail to Ubisoft and they suggest me three thing; disabling my background applications; clearing your temporary files; making the updates of the drivers.

I did all of these three suggestion but they also did not help me.

What should I do to increase the performance of my computer in these 2 games_?

thank you