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Since upgrading my GPU a few weeks ago I've been having various power issues:
  • Case fans operate at 1/2 speed
  • Hard drive takes a longer time to read from and write to, especially noticeable during gaming and initial Windows boot
  • Waking up from sleep doesn't work

I have attempted using different GPUs, a more powerful PSU, motherboard reseating, and even cable reorganization but none of those attempts have helped.

However, I have concluded that all of the above occurs only when my mobo is within my case; when I placed it outside on cardboard and hooked everything up I was able to achieve full power to all of my components.

I have a new CPU+mobo coming in the mail sometime this week (hopefully) so maybe these issues may go away on their own with the upgrade, but being an engineer/problem solver I cannot help to let this problem go unresolved.

Does anyone have any suggestions or possible diagnoses of what the heck is going on in my PC? Thank you in advance.
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