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I'd open it up first and see if there's any discolored or burnt areas on the circuit boards, especially around the ICs. Sony isn't the best about putting heat sinks on their cheaper receivers.

That receiver looks like it has a robust enough amp to handle smaller 4ohm speakers fine though, I wouldn't worry too much.
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Alright I'll check it out, thanks.
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Well, there weren't any signs of damage and I decided to try out the 4ohm speakers. Audio constantly cuts out at all volumes. I don't know what gauge this speaker wire is, though it isn't too thin and I'm not running long lengths of it.

Suppose I'll just hold off until I get a new receiver. Too afraid to try my Polks with this thing.
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By the way that Onkyo is supposed to be a decent receiver. It's predecessors the 308 and 508 supposedly had HDMI issues, but I haven't heard complaints about the new ones.

If you want something used though, I recommend looking at a Yamaha RX-V663. It's a step up from that 309, and can be had easily for ~$200. You would need a HDMI switcher though, but IMO the better amp and preouts make it worth it.
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Originally Posted by Paradox me View Post
Today I was given a Sony STR-DG500 for free, and while I'm sure it isn't the best receiver out there, I figured I could at least use it until I've saved up enough money for a new one.

Problem is, it's rated at 8 ohms and for the past year or so it's been used with some cheap 4 ohm HTiB speakers. I understand that this isn't necessarily good, as it can damage both the speakers and the receiver.

I'm assuming that it'd be a bad idea to hook up my Polk Monitor 40s to this thing now? I'd hate to damage the new speakers as a result of damage previously done to the receiver.
If your receiver has an A / B speaker selectorswitch and does not mute the audio when you select both but only have one pair of speakers connected, than the connections are wired in parallel
Z1*Z2 / (Z1 Z2)
^forget about this. 8ohms speakers for parallel

If the sound goes off when you select A and B speaker outputs but only have one set of speakers connected, then the Receiver is wired in series.
Z1 (plus) Z2 - Somehow the addition sign don't wanna show on here

Get a speaker switch box from Niles they do clever circuit impedance tricks to ensure a safe load in maintained to your receiver with multiple speakers connected simultaneously. They go around for $100-200. Some place you can get them for less
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