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I got a g500 a few weeks ago and it just wasnt doing that great on my wood desktop.

Ordered a 35 dollar scarab from newegg and I am floored at what a difference a good mousepad makes.

I ALSO ordered a steelseries QCK mass for 15 bucks which wasnt so smart cause i got charged another 5 dollars shipping for this item, since it came from a different location as my other orders.

I was skeptical about the razer since it seems like a carrying case for a mousepad is rediculous and probably takes up much of the sale value...

I was proven wrong however, as this mousepad makes my g500 ultra accurate. I have never gotten a jump or glitch with the mouse at all, despite using 1000hz polling rate.

Are there any better mousepads for this and other lazer mice? Cause i cant imagine it getting any better than this using the scarab.

How long does the coating on the scarab last for? I know the destructor before it wore out fast seeing how people responded to it on the forums.

Also, is it just me or does the paint on the g500 come off too quickly from regular use? It is starting to fade around the index finger location and area where my palm touches it i think.