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Hey all, need some urgent advice and suggestions.

-I am trying to get to 4.5-5.0ghz on my c2d E8500 e0 stepping.
-Also, I want to be able to take the gtx 560 and put it on the middle or lowest pcie slot due to heating issues from the northbridge fan being directly above it.

Currently, I am running STABLE (12+ hours prime95 64bit)
-windows 7 enterprise x64
-2x500gb seagates in RAID 0 config
-evga 780i P08 bios
FSB voltage = 1 step above stock
SPP = stock voltage
MCP = stock voltage
SPP-MCP = stock voltage
-core 2 duo E8500 e0 stepping, 4052mhz at 1.24v on cpucore, 9.5x multi
-8gigs 4 sticks of kingston ddr2 400mhz stock ram unlinked at 1.875v (1 step above stock) (800mhz reading in bios)
-EVGA gtx 560ti SC edition (first top pcie slot)

I want to know just how risky is it to flash the bios using the dvd what % of people fail doing it? I am hesitant to do it because of how many replies i see on the evga forums saying that things went wrong.

My 780i p08 bios works fine as far as i can tell for my immediate needs, however...
1) sleep and hibernate do not work at all, the pc comes back to life then shuts itself down again almost immediately, at which point pressing the power button just starts the pc as normal, but asks for a login at windows start. I really dont care about this, just logging this issue as one defect.
2) The vdrop/vdroop is very very high on this board, and I think its affecting my ability to clock to 4.5ghz. The pencil mod is no option for me because i dont want to screw over my warranty.
3) There are many mentions of 4 stick 8 gig memory instability on this board, maybe I could get far more of a performance boost even at my current setup if the bios were to be updated?

Would it be worth it to go from P08 bios to P10 bios using the cd/dvd method? and risky is this in reality? I am no dummy, I can follow instructions with the best of the knuckleheads

How are my voltages at the current clock speeds? I have a pretty decent understanding of how to test for cpu voltage requirements, but how do I know how much to increase the mcp and spp and link voltages? I have them at stock now and I have no idea what they should be set to at 4 or 4.5ghz speeds.

Teach me! and I will be forever grateful and benevolent with my knowledge (lol )