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Originally Posted by trance.geek420 View Post
I've never set water cooling up before. However, from my research and from a bit of guesswork. I'd say you would be better of doing two loops. For example, instead of putting a 360 and a 240 on one loop. Use a 360 and a 240, with two loops. That will separate the components, so that your gpu(s) will not cause your cpu's temps to be higher than needed, and vice-versa. If you're going to have high end gpus (GTX 580, radeon hd 6850+, etc) then i would go with a dual loop. Personally i think gpus get hotter than cpus, so i would put the 240 on the cpu and the 360 on the gpu(s). But as i said i've never done water cooling so i may be wrong on that. I'm willing to bet a dual loop will beat a dual rad, single loop, every time.
I respectfully disagree. Having components in one loop may add 1-3c per component to the entire loop, which is very easy to negate especially with a second radiator thrown in the mix.

Right now I'm running 2 6950 2gb overclocked to 900/1375 and a 2600k overclocked to 4.3ghz, and the temperature of the 6950s are minimal difference, and the CPU never goes over 50c even though it's third in line for cool water after the 2 GPUs and the pump.
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Hmm...you guys have given me a lot to think about. I think I might go 1x420 and 1x140 (on the bottom of the case, near the PSU) for now.

It's come down to two cases: FD Define XL or FD Arc

With the Define, I'd have to mod the top in order to add a 420 and cool everything with that. But with the arc, albeit smaller, it is wider, allowing for a slim 360 rad on the side of the HDD bay, plus a 420 up top (either internal or external.)

Decisions, decisions...
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