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Which rig should I buy? plz help!

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I would like to get in to PC gaming and am torn between these two machines.
Here are their specs:

CPU - Intel Sandy Bridge Quad Core i5 2500k 4 GHz 6MB LGA1155 cache

Motherboard - Intel P67/H67 Express Chipset, Support for DDR3 2133/1866/1600/1333/1066 MHz memory modules, USB3+SATA3, support crossfireX

Memory - 4GB Dual Channel, DDR3-1333

Hard Disk - 1TB, 7200rpm SATA3 HDD

GPU - nVidia Geforce GTX 570 1280MB GDDR5 320bit

Case - Aywun GAME Series G06 Black mid tower ATX case with side window

Power Supply - 650W ATX PSU


CPU - Intel Core i7 2600k Sandy Bridge 3.4Ghz/3.8Ghz Quad Core LGA 1155 8MB Cache

Motherboard - B3 Revision Intel H67 Motherboard, LGA 1155 , 4x DDR3 slots, ESATA, Raid

Memory - 8GB DDR3 1333 (4GB X2 dual channel )

Hard Drive - Seagate 1TB SATA3 7200 RPM, 6.0 Gb/s


Case - RaidMAX Extreme Gaming Case

Power supply - 700W Powersupply
The first rig will cost 1660 New Zealand Dollars, and the second, 1775 New Zealand Dollars (Which works out to be $1368.60, and $1,463.42 USD)

Your advice will be much appreciated
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4gb of ram is fine.

Both cases are terrible. get a CM advanced 690 II.

Power supply is the most important part of a system. Get a Corsair HX 650, TX 650, or 550 watt. The power supplies you chose are generic, and can explode/not work.

Everything else is fine.
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+1 690 II. Great case.

GTX 570/HD6950 both good.

Good quality PSU is essential IMHO. Corsair HX Series (modular so tidier cabling), Seasonic X series or Corasair AX series, great but probably overkill.

2500K is more suited to gaming. Save yourself the cash and buy better PSU or GPU.
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Why have you got two threads running on same topic?
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