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So you just want those points eh.

Is your CPU NB overclocked? PCIE bus @ 107mhz?
Overclocking your PCIe is a bad idea.

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The reason it is to be avoided is that as you increase the PCI-E bus, the SATA controller is also affected. You risk data corruption by clocking too high. No sense ruining your installation of windows for a couple FPS in games. And really, there is no major performance change by OCing the PCI-E bus.

In some cases with extreme CPU overclocks, upping the PCI-E frequency can help with stability. Also, on some older and cheaper motherboards upping it can help get a CPU OC stable. I had a P965 board that needed 105mhz to make my OC stable. Most say 110Mhz is the point where you risk data corruption, but I say it is not worth touching it at all.

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