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So got my first DSLR today and am loving it. However, Im already running into problems with the auto shoot function. I want to shoot on manual and have been on some but am confused on one thing.

Does anybody know of or can they run down the dial functions to the left of the auto function on the wheel on the top of the camera?

It has a green outline box wich is auto then to the left there are letters in this order:

CA (with box around it)

Could someone run that down to me and how to use it. Google was not much help as I dont really know what im looking for. thanks.

EDIT: Also, How do I get a camera post-bit?
CA: Creative Auto. It replaces Aperture and Shutter Speed with pictoral representations of "Do you want this photo to have a blurrier background? Do you want it lighter or darker?"

P: Program. The camera automatically chooses aperture and shutter speed. Differs from full auto by giving you control over functions like ISO, White balance, AF points, EV compensation, etc.

TV: Shutter Priority. You select a shutter speed, the camera selects an aperture for ideal exposure. Useful for sports and action photography.

Av: Aperture Priority. You select an aperture, the camera selects a shutter speed for ideal exposure. Useful for portraits and DoF shots.

M: Manual. You control everything; the camera controls nothing.

A-Dep: Automatic Depth of Field. Camera selects an aperture so that all parts of the photo on AF points will be in the same depth of field.

Personally, I spend most of my time in Manual and Aperture Priority.

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Get a air blaster for the sensor if you get dust on it. Also try to change lenses in places with little dust such as the bathroom...somewhere indoors to reduce the possibiltiy of dust sticking to the sensor. And oh you mean the picture of the camera in the signiture? this is the code for : camera : with no spaces
I sincerely hope you mean a rocket blower and not the compressed air cans you use in your PC