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Nice results, but I guess I don't understand.

Why buy a reference card and then spend an extra $75 on an air cooler, when you can buy a non ref card with comparable cooling already installed (Twin Frozr III/Direct CU 2, etc) for less?
Very true what you state but I didn't buy it. My step-brother did. When he went to install it his rig died on him so he loaned it to me until he gets the money to re-build his rig. Additionally, these cards are near impossible to get locally. Only store available is CompUSA. We had read that EVGA cards are pretty decent. Being that that EVGA card is the only GTX560 readily available at the local CompUSA store, he went with that and saved himself about $30-$40 in shipping. They also sell the Asus card but only online. That $240 card would have wound up costing about $275 minimum and you wouldn't be able to use that card's cooler on any other card I believe.So this allows for a good degree of flexibility I believe (correct me if I am wrong though).

Soooooooo... I am not going to look at a gift horse in the mouth! The cooler will work on my 460 as well so I will have use for it. If I need to move on to any other card, I am sure that I will get good use out of it as well.