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Hey guys I been playing All Points Bulletin for the last few days. I never played the original and honestly I think it's a blast. Sure it's a tad confusing imo for new players in regards to how everything works but after a couple hours you'll have it all figured out.

Some people complain about the missions and how there isn't much variety to them but the thing is it's a 3rd person shooter at heart. It's no different to me then hoping on a dedicated server with 20 other people and just running around and shooting. Except, it is. It's better. Car chases and stuff. It's incredibly addicting. To me anyway.

Regardless if anyone plays look me up. I'm on the Joker (NA East) server. My Enforcer is my main (LyricB) and my crim is Robg.

I'm threat level silver 5. So I'm not the greatest but I'm far from the worse. the game really shines in groups so it'd be awesome to get some fellow overclockers in on the action