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YOU wouldn't think just by looking at him that American McGee was the mind behind of one of the darkest cult video games in history.

Tall, unassuming, with strawberry blonde hair and dressed in a white shirt and black blazer, he looks oddly out of place among the toadstools and red wooden thrones scattered about the room.

In 2000, McGee introduced players to his own twisted take on the world of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

One of the most creative — and macabre — games of its time, American McGee's Alice imagined what Wonderland might look like if Carroll's heroine lost her mind.

Now, eleven years later, McGee is preparing to release a sequel. At a media preview event in Sydney he spoke to about Alice: Madness Returns.

"I can remember the copy of the book that I had," he said of the classic he read many times as a child, and many more as an adult.

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