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well im finishing my second 24-core Xeon server at the moment just waiting on the motherboard to come back and get a PSU, CPUs & HDD for it and its finished, then i start saving for Servers 3 & 4 the longer i wait the cheaper the parts get so...

P.S. no the Interlagos will not be out for another few months but theres plenty i can do in the mean time, if i was to get them i would wait for others to test first and get results but from what ive seen they will stock @ 2-2.2Ghz but with 2 Integer cores and a data Thread per "Core" as AMDs new "Hyper-Threading" challenger to be physical instead of code, and they are 16-cores each, im basing this off seeing a concept 4-socket mobo for them to get 64-cores
Hi..i would go (wait) for 2 x 64-CORE AMD Interlagos Bulldozer systems!
For sure i want to see some results first..but i'am almost sure that a 64core system will be better then a 24core Xeon system.
And not talked about the price and power consumption yet.

I try to follow all these cpu's closely and using a chess test for it and invite people ,when they are interested to try this test!

You have great hardware,if you want to look into my list with the collecting results i get from people on Xtremesystems ,then you can compare your systems with the big guys

Here you have my link..all information and software is online..there is no install needed..all cores/threads with run @100%..after tests you can easy remove the chess folder and nothing stays behind..or you can keep a full working chess's freeware!

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