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ok sweet guys, would you recommend any specific psus for reliability/performance?
Definitely 500 watt PSU and allow some head room. Nvidia recommends it as minimum, see here. Usually they ask for more than needed by a little bit because they are figuring it might not be a quality PSU.

Corsair CX 500 watt

Personally I'd get a Corsair AX 650 watt PSU for quality and play it safe if you want to SLI a second down the road. The AX version is better quality.

Basically anything from Corsair that's bronze, silver or gold rating. Naturally it will depend on your budget. The higher rating the better.

PSU is important and you don't want to be using more than 80% of it's power. Anything above that and your PSU will ripple voltage which slowly wears out your other components like CPU, GPU, RAM, and mother board. Ripple is bad. If you using 80% of less of that PSU then your in a safe zone and also not experience anything like BSOD's or black screens because you pushed it to far.

An example for me was a GTX 580, I purchased a mediocore 1000 watt bronze rating for future upgrading. Should have went better quality in hindsight. However I'm still ok to SLI it since in SLI it runs maxed full throttle at about 760 watts and I'll be under 80% usage. Live and learn.

Edited: PS...I just noticed your new to OCN. Welcome aboard, you came to the right place.
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