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i dont always turn off the pc in my bedroom at night because i sometimes have it running processes overnight. i tried setting the monitor to sleep after a minute, but occasionally it will wake itself back up at 3am and wake me or my wife up. i finally just started turning the monitor off at night then back on in the mornings and this worked fine for me. I just recently installed a 4850 and the latest catalyst software, and i've noticed that when i turn off my monitor, i cant turn it back on the next day. I literally cannot get power back on to the monitor no matter how many times i hit the power button, like it's totally dead. i have to unplug the dvi cable and power cord, let the monitor sit for a minute, plug power back in, power on the monitor and wait for the "no signal" prompt, then plug the dvi cable back in and i can see my pc again. I didnt have this problem w/ my previous video cards but they were all nvidia. i do remember running into this a long time ago w/ a different card and monitor but i assumed it was a bad monitor at the time. has anybody seen this before or know a solution?