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560 TI Overclocking question, voltages!

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Alright i got 560 TI Frozer 2 OC last week and since day 1 i started overclocking it. I was using 950 core at 1.050 v core in that whole time ive had 2 errors at that setting one was last night on witcher the screen went black just before cutscene i thought this might be a game bug probably just failed OC though. i ran the game with Uber sampling for about 2 hours to see if i could get it to crash again but i couldnt get it to crash.

Then 5 mins ago on crysis, game froze and screen went black damn it frown.gif, was kind of random because i was playing it for a good hour and half earlier, this is with extreme settings and 2x AA.

Question is should i increase vcore to say 1.060, Overclocking GPU's is pretty new to me i only ever have done CPU's in the past, its hard to find solid info on what volts are within some sort of safety range.
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1050 is stock. So if ur have the 880 core clock card than u should up the volts. I have the 900 and with 1050 volts I can get the core clock to 975. Not all cards are equal. What card do u have.
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1012 is my stock volts for 880 mhz, i got MSI twin frozer2 OC card.
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Ok so 1012 at 880 mhz. Keep at that 1012 and OC to 930mhz. Make sure that runs straige. Thats a fair amount of volts to clock ratio. If its good than pump the core by about 10. If u have issues, up the volts from 1012 to 1022(or 1025) something like that. 1060 for your 1012 stock might be too much. But will help u OC as best we can
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I didnt get much chance to test it last night but i played some Dirt3 at 1012 volts and 930 core and it didnt crash, , i might just shove the voltage to 1025 to be on the safe side at 930 and then play some crysis, cant do this till later as i have work soon.

Crysis 2 seems to the best way to check for OC fails imo, becauase that was the game that made me bump voltage to 1050 at 950 because it seemed anythign less i would get black screen for a few seconds after a a matter of minutes.

I did actually Try 975 core at 1050 vcore and ran Unigine and it crashed in no time biggrin.gif so yeh my card is just a ****ty overclocker, like all my other GPU's frown.gif i would be happy with 930 mhz stable though so im going to aim for that.
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