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hmmm... I was re-thinking over the adjustments... I figured that on this rig I will only really encode video and game, as I only really use Photoshop for school, and the school has provided a laptop for that... So now I am thinking that I just have to make my parts balanced out in a way that they won't bottleneck any GPU that I may upgrade to in the future. Here are my ideas bolded items are those that need to be bought

Intel Core i5-2500K
ASRock P67 Pro3
Team Elite 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3/1600
Asus Radeon HD 5850
G.Skill Phoenix Pro 60GB
4 x Western Digital Caviar Blue 320GB
Cooler Master Silent Pro 600W
Cooler Master 690 II
Thermalright Silver Arrow (Or some other good CPU Cooler)
Arctic Silver MX-4
5 x LED Fans (I don't know which one yet...)

How does that build sound?